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2020's colour is... Classic Blue!

Pantone have stated that this timeless blue tone instills 'calm, confidence, and connection'.

Blue is a classical colour which we associate with serenity and resilience. It also reminds us of our current environment & can relate to the global issues that we face surrounding the way that we treat the planet.

You might think of blue and think of endless oceans, or peaceful evening skies. It allows us to think beyond our local surroundings and expand our perspectives. All while being a comforting colour which increases interaction while promising protection.

Not many flowers are blue in colour naturally. Of course, there have been advancements in artificial colourings of roses and other flowers, but there's nothing quite like a naturally coloured flower.  For example, the gorgeous Hydrangea heads that are a beautiful hue of blue. Or maybe it might be the texture of the Eryngium which comes in both vibrant blues and darker tones. Finally, could your bouquet include the hyacinth with its sumptuous scent?

Time will tell whether this blue will appear in 2020, and how much it will play a part in shaping 2020's trends & designs. However, it's sure to pop up & if you like the look of the tones of the upcoming year, why not incorporate it into an event or a wedding you've got coming up? 



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